Shared Ownership in Northamptonshire

Shared Ownership Northamptonshire

Shared Ownership Northamptonshire

Shared ownership was launched to bring affordable living to the housing market. The concept of the scheme is that you get to invest shares in your chosen property but unlike a conventional mortgage you then pay an affordable rent on the remaining. It was designed as a gateway for those who have struggled previously or those who fit a certain criteria climb onto the property ladder.

You can find houses and apartments for sale here through shared ownership in Northamptonshire at Property Booking. These properties work on a part-buy part-rent approach; purchase the required shares and pay rent on the remaining ones. To find out whether you’re eligible check here at Property Booking.

Part Buy Part Rent Northamptonshire

We know the complexities of finding the perfect home that’s why we’re here to ease that transition. Search our map for upcoming and available properties for sale through shared ownership in Northamptonshire.