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Shared Ownership in Finchley

Shared Ownership in Finchley

For years it’s been easy to get in and out of Finchley with its main railway running for years and today is no acception. Transport links are strong,with four tube stations Finchley central and West Finchley for example, located all around Finchley all of which head into the city centre. Perfect for those city commuters who still want the countryside feeling but also want convenient journey times with Finchley to London Central taking as little as thirty minutes.

New developments

This is a perfect opportunity to get on the property ladder, as well-connected properties are important in London, but with great offers of a range of houses for sale available for shared ownership in Finchley it’s even better.

With quick and convenient train lines and bus routes on its doorstep, new developments available for Shared Ownership in Finchley, such as Northern Heights from Origin Housing, offer a unique opportunity for first time buyers to get a foot on the property ladder in a central location. One example is the Northern Heights as it is a collection of top spec apartments close to FInchley Central, and within this beautifully constructed development are choices of shared ownership apartments and other. With Northern Heights there is more than enough to choose from to find your ideal home.

Finchley also offers a bit of difference in scenery to the city lights, busy streets and tall buildings of London city centre with more of a rexled suburban area. Finchley has its vast greenery views but isn’t too far out of the city. This makes Finchley’s shared ownership housing more appealing to those who are first time buyers and are looking for the perfect house. Those who enjoy more of a quieter area with leisure activities and relaxing walks etc Finchley is a great option.


Part-buy Part-rent in Finchley

Finchley offers numerous activities and restaurants ranging from Thai to Italian cuisines to the local pubs. A short distance from East Finchley there is the stunning Alexandra Palace which not only showcases its beautiful views of London but also hosts gigs and at certain times hosts firework displays. If taking in the views still isn’t your kind of thing then there is always the option to see a fim as there there is the Phoenix cinema or the Vue Cinema which are both within short distances of one another. Perhaps something more active like ten pin bowling or going to a swimming pool is more your idea of fun, Finchley has both. Maybe you may just like to relax and have a walk around, there are plenty of places and sites to see by walking around including the markets that are around Finchley. Possibly you prefer shopping, if that is what you enjoy there are also small stores, charity shops aplenty, as well as the markets to keep bus!

If Finchley is what you are looking for, rather than just a busy city but also still be connected to it, then we are here to help. Here at Keaze we understand how difficult it can be to search and find the house you want. So we do it for you giving you as much help and information we can Shared ownership also referred to as part buy part rent is a government-backed scheme which enables you to buy a share into the house, but makes it more affordable.

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